‘Fall Away’ (a Poem)

Step back Into dreams That have fallen away. Those hopes that held your heart Are calling again: Louder now, A piercing note that cuts through the din.

‘Heart Sparks’ (a Poem and a Painting)

Show her the embers Of a fire you tended long ago When your hand enfolded hers And you reached out to catch a spark. How your eyes danced With the thrill of the game. Show her the tendrils Of finely combed hair That fell across your faces When you spun through whirling leaves And sang…

‘They Hold On’ (a Poem)

They are an eye Glimpsed through twitching curtains Grasping for a freedom They have never found. They are words you may remember As a force that held you back: That called you limited And said, ‘no further can you go Than the wall of your own fears.’ Now your wings unfurl Yet they hold on…

‘You Are Still Here’ (a Poem)

Above the screeching vortex of argument, Songs still shimmer: Heard faintly, through muffling clouds Yet bolder by the day. You still know the horizon. Quiet words of kindness Hum through the restless din. Children call out friends’ names Run through the streets with dogs in tow: The soft pat of paws against stone. And you…

‘The Way You Were’ (a Poem)

There is a promise in her eyes: A word you heard long ago, perhaps, On your night of yearning and tenderness When hope bloomed before your feet And held its breath in the air above.