Reigniting The Creative Spark: My Favourite Old Paintings

Painting has always been a refuge for me. When I’m in my little painter’s bubble – concentrating on nothing but the image that is coming through me – I am at peace. There is an untold joy that comes with having this outlet for intangible emotions and thoughts, or energies I can feel around me….

‘Jim’ – Spoken Word Art

Recently, I’ve begun to experiment with sharing my poetry in video format, combining the words with images and music to bring the stories to life. My first effort, ‘Jim,’ is below. ❤️

The Painting That Kick-Started My Intuitive Art Journey

Many artists fondly recall one particular painting, sculpture or visual project that set them on the path that they needed to follow, or gave them a sense of clarity and direction. For the last eleven months, I’ve been creating intuitively channelled paintings. The project that kick-started this journey for me – seven whole years before…

‘Petals’ (a Poem)

The path was strewn with petals. Fading daylight Rested on your fingers Your chest Your eyes That would never again Behold the changing seasons: Never marvel at the spring buds That appear in warmer days, Or watch birds taking flight, Turning towards home As winter closes in. They reminded us: Love is never lost. The…

‘Fall Away’ (a Poem)

Step back Into dreams That have fallen away. Those hopes that held your heart Are calling again: Louder now, A piercing note that cuts through the din.

‘You Are Still Here’ (a Poem)

Above the screeching vortex of argument, Songs still shimmer: Heard faintly, through muffling clouds Yet bolder by the day. You still know the horizon. Quiet words of kindness Hum through the restless din. Children call out friends’ names Run through the streets with dogs in tow: The soft pat of paws against stone. And you…

‘The Way You Were’ (a Poem)

There is a promise in her eyes: A word you heard long ago, perhaps, On your night of yearning and tenderness When hope bloomed before your feet And held its breath in the air above.

‘When the Ground Breathes’ (a Poem)

‘When the Ground Breathes’ is one of the poems I’ve been writing lately, as I work on my second anthology. I’ve been teasing out each poem in my mind, exploring exactly what I would like to say … and little by little, I’m starting to arrive at my destination. 😊 When the Ground Breathes Their…

‘Quiet in the Garden’ (a Poem)

I’m continuing to compose little poems that may end up in my second anthology! This is my latest effort. 😊 Quiet in the Garden It’s quiet in the garden Where we first met Where you spun those tales of mystery I remember How you spoke of things I could never comprehend How your stories made…

‘You Linger – Still’ (a Poem)

I am continuing to compose short poems that may or may not appear in my second anthology, and I am enjoying every second of it, regardless of what form these poems will eventually take! Here is a draft called ‘You Linger – Still.’ ❤️ You linger – still –In the half-forgotten worldOf memory, myth-making, magic….