‘Fall Away’ (a Poem)

Step back Into dreams That have fallen away. Those hopes that held your heart Are calling again: Louder now, A piercing note that cuts through the din.

‘You Are Still Here’ (a Poem)

Above the screeching vortex of argument, Songs still shimmer: Heard faintly, through muffling clouds Yet bolder by the day. You still know the horizon. Quiet words of kindness Hum through the restless din. Children call out friends’ names Run through the streets with dogs in tow: The soft pat of paws against stone. And you…

‘The Way You Were’ (a Poem)

There is a promise in her eyes: A word you heard long ago, perhaps, On your night of yearning and tenderness When hope bloomed before your feet And held its breath in the air above.

‘Quiet in the Garden’ (a Poem)

I’m continuing to compose little poems that may end up in my second anthology! This is my latest effort. 😊 Quiet in the Garden It’s quiet in the garden Where we first met Where you spun those tales of mystery I remember How you spoke of things I could never comprehend How your stories made…

‘You Linger – Still’ (a Poem)

I am continuing to compose short poems that may or may not appear in my second anthology, and I am enjoying every second of it, regardless of what form these poems will eventually take! Here is a draft called ‘You Linger – Still.’ ❀️ You linger – still –In the half-forgotten worldOf memory, myth-making, magic….

‘As Peace Breathes Through Your Restless Mind…’ (a Poem)

This is the first draft of a poem I’m working on for my second anthology, which may be released in 2020 … or may be released in 2021, depending on how my year goes. 😁 Regardless, I hope you enjoy! Let the rigid heat of perfectionism Give way to your humanity. Let the masks fall…

Solstice: the Deepest Night

Seasonal depression has often made its presence known in my life. As the days darken, my own thoughts tend to take on a heavier tone too. Over the years, I have learned to bask in the subtle blessings of winter: to honour the energy of contraction, of turning inward, of withdrawal and reflection. On the…

‘I Guess It’ll Be Okay’ (Short Story)

This short story features an eleven-year-old character named Sophie who has been lingering in my heart for quite a while. I have a sense of her sensitive, curious nature, and the tension she holds within her as she struggles to deal with peer pressure, a family breakup, and the strain of being made to grow…

‘Where You Breathe’ (a Poem)

They are fragile: Delicate as a freshly spun web, But with the might to carry legions. They linger in morning light A cooling mist The first drops of rain When drought has struck. They have beaten against your brow For too long: These treasures hidden From prying eyes From ceaseless sorrow From those who could…

‘Horses’ (a poem from my anthology)

Lately, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about ‘Horses’, a poem I wrote for my anthology, The Light Touch of Liberty.Β  The poem is essentially about my memories of Atlantis in its later, rapidly descending stages. When I recently saw a beautiful, illuminated sculpture of a unicorn at the Wonderlights event in Palmerstown Estate, Co….