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This page is dedicated to featuring my most recent clips, along with a couple of videos I’m particularly proud of from my YouTube journey so far. 😊 My most recent upload was a channelling of the amazing Mary Magdalene. It was the fourth and final video in my series on female Christian mystics.

Highlighted Videos

In the video below, I ramble at length about Atlantis! 😁 The goal of it was to share a few things I’ve picked up on with regard to Atlantis, and offer some tips on how others can find their own truth with regard to this topic. In the description box, I provided a list of links, book titles and further resources that may help people with that process.

Content warning: the Nazis and the theory of eugenics (a.k.a. racial hygiene) are mentioned in this video. I believe many theories on Atlantean races that were channelled during the 1800s and 1900s were influenced by the eugenics movement. I dithered about saying this for quite a while, but ultimately, I did end up wading right into that controversial area because I knew it was important do so: to acknowledge the hurt that was done, and how this has driven many people away from researching Atlantis altogether.

The topic of plastic – and how we can move towards dematerialising it – means a lot to me. I believe that the many disaster scenarios that have been predicted, with regard to plastic absolutely swamping our planet, do not have to come to pass. There is another way. I hope the things I’ve said in the video below can inspire someone and give them a sense of hope. ❤️