My YouTube Channel

Spirituality has always been a major part of my life – and I have co-edited the spiritually-themed Positive Life Magazine since summer 2017 – but until recently, I was very inclined to keep my private feelings, understandings and beliefs on it to myself. However, I tentatively began to make videos last summer, after becoming more actively involved in spiritual communities that supported and nourished me. I’ve been deeply moved and inspired by the courage of other spiritual explorers who are out there, openly speaking their truths. 💕

I launched my YouTube channel in July 2019 as a space to share my musings! Topics that I want to address there include spiritual alchemy, storytelling and mythology as a vehicle for transformation, and the often-forgotten significance of the number zero in numerology.

The video below serves as a short introduction to my channel.

In this longer video (about 27 minutes), I share the connection I have with my two main spirit guides, who will be working with me a lot in the future.