Weaving Legends is the website of the writer, journalist and playwright Aisling Cronin.

I graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Theatre Studies. During the third year of my degree, in 2013, I studied a Playwriting module under the direction of Gavin Kostick – co-founder of Fishamble – before going on to study Advanced Playwriting with Dr. Melissa Sihra the following year. Since then, I have worked with a range of theatre companies in Dublin and Dundalk as a writer, actor, producer, and director.

I am currently a general committee member of Born to Burn Productions (a company that aims to promote plays written and directed by women). This role involves taking decisions with the other committee members about the company’s future, collaborating with them on new creative ideas, assisting in the development and the editing of scripts, and sourcing potential venues for upcoming events.

A couple of my past projects are highlighted here.

In addition to my theatre work, I am the co-editor of Positive Life Magazine, a spiritual and holistic health magazine. I’m also a freelance journalist with an online green news and lifestyle publication called One Green Planet, based in New York City. I have written over five hundred articles for the site on environmental conservation and animal protection issues. Some of the recurring themes that I cover in my work include marine pollution, climate change, and the problems associated with large-scale commercial palm oil production. I recently started writing for GCN (Ireland’s national LGBT+ magazine).

I am a firm believer in the power of mythology, symbols and dreams to help us awaken our imaginations and build a better world. In my creative writing, I aim to explore ideas that lie beyond our typical ideas about what is “normal” or possible – for example, I am currently working on a novel manuscript that delves into the concept of parallel lifetimes!