🌳 Shine: Your Radiance is Never Lost

I’ve just uploaded ‘Shine’, the third instalment of my Green Man video series. 💚 In this one, he (along with guest star Vosloo) speaks to the hesitant state of being that many of us are in, after our long planet-wide period of having to suppress our sociable, extroverted and outward-looking aspects.

Vosloo offers a beautiful meditation designed to restore the wounds and blemishes we may have acquired on our solar plexus – or ‘inner sun’. ☀️ The message below – that he conveys during the meditation – speaks deeply to my heart. 💕

Allow yourself to deeply listen to any wounding that you have incurred.

They will begin to deeply relax and fade into the totality of who you are.

For know this: any wounds that your inner sun may have incurred – they are not external foreign bodies.

They are aspects of you that were unable to be expressed, unable to be acknowledged and heard during your species’ long phase of containment. You do not have to understand every single incident, every single happening, that gave rise to these wounds.

Simply continue to breathe into them.

Allow them to be witnessed and honoured, and they will fade back into the totality, the brightness, the natural luminescence of your inner sun. No longer externalised aspects of your being, that you had to push to one side or suppress in order to survive the circumstances in which you found yourself.

Now, you welcome them back.

Let them return to their natural home within you. Let them be at peace, and thank them for what they have taught you, what you have learned, and how you have grown. 🙏

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