Celebrating June (so far): A Few Nature Photos

June has been balmy, bright and beautiful so far here in Ireland. Given how changeable our weather can be, I’ve been making the most of this bright patch while it lasts. 🌞

Our tiny front garden – bare and nondescript during the winter months – has transformed into an oasis of peace, with its many flower beds serving as a hub for bees and pollinating insects. Few things give me greater joy than being able to sit outside in the evenings, bask in sunlight and birdsong, and drink it all in.

Flowers bloom, resplendent in the light.

This faery tree I spotted one day, whilst out walking in Co. Wicklow, was a delight. 🌳


The Sugarloaf in Co. Wicklow, framed by foliage.

I’ve noticed hints of rewilding in Dublin city centre too, on the few occasions I’ve been there. Last week, I passed my alma mater, Trinity College, and saw that its tightly manicured lawns had been replaced by wildflowers. πŸŒΈπŸ’

The sight gladdened my heart.

As summer reaches its height, I am revelling in the gorgeous sights, sounds and wildlife activities I’ve been able to witness.

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