The Green Man Series: A Preview

My next video series will look at the energies and teachings of The Green Man, a legendary elemental being said to represent nature’s cycles of rebirth and growth. He is well-known for often being portrayed on churches and stone walls during the medieval period, with his likeness appearing on buildings all over Europe and parts of Asia.

The Green Man has previously been a ‘guest star’ on a few of my previous videos (it began with his appearance on the Hildegard von Bingen channelling I did in 2019), but this will be the first time he’s taking centre stage. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

This video series will begin on the upcoming Spring equinox (which would be the Autumn equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, of course). The video at the beginning of this blog post presents a quick preview of what the series will be about: namely, healing our relationship with nature. One topic that I know he wants to discuss is how we can bridge the divide between economic progress and environmental protection. The two are often set at odds, leading us to believe that by healing nature, we will be harming ourselves in some way.

I have a feeling that the faeries will make themselves known during this series, too. They have already made their mark on the painting I created for this series – popping up all over the canvas!

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