🌹 The Feminine 🌹

Some thoughts that have been forming in my heart since yesterday’s #InternationalWomensDay celebrations.

The Divine Feminine, awakening within our hearts, can take on many different forms. She is a warrior queen, boldly taking a stand for Her truth. She is a proud lioness, fearlessly protecting Her cubs. She is rising in the voices of those whose stories have long gone unheard. And She is tender. Compassionate. Gentle.

She means so many different things to all who have experienced Her, whatever their gender may be. In my own life, I have been tuning in to Her gentle, nurturing side, as this is the aspect of Her that I need most at this time. 🌸

When my eyes, my mind, and my spirit have grown weary of staring at screens; when my heart is weighed down by the sadness of not being able to meet my beloved friends; when the list of tasks seems too daunting … She is the quiet voice that says, ‘rest. Just for a moment. Notice the beauty outside your door. See how flowers are beginning to reveal themselves, little by little, and how birds flit through branches that are adorning themselves with buds. Their time to bloom will soon come.’ 🍃

I am lucky enough to live near the sea … and in the movements of the waves, too, I hear Her wisdom. 🌊

‘All things change. All of nature flows as it must. Allow yourself to do so, too.’ 🌹

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