‘The Novice State of Mind’ – The Ninth Instalment of Vosloo’s Video Series

‘The Novice State of Mind’ is the second-last instalment of the video series I associate with Atlantean High Priest Vosloo. I’ve been making this series since the start of the year, and it’s hard to believe that it will soon be drawing to a close … though I know this sweet guide will keep popping up in my future work! 💗

‘The Novice State of Mind’ is all about living with the heart of a child. It describes a willingness to be ‘wrong’: to be curious, open-minded, adventurous, and receptive to possibilities that we may never have considered before.

The challenge that accompanies being hugely experienced at something, or having gathered a lot of knowledge and information, is that you can become stuck on the idea that you should know what to do all the time. A novice doesn’t have that problem, because they don’t ever expect to know what to do. 😂 In that case, their challenge is to build up their confidence!

One of the main qualities that is enabling us, as light workers, to actually be here right now, offering our wisdom and grounding our light, is our ability to be at ease with not knowing what’s going on. 😅

In the last video of this series, Vosloo mentioned that we often beat ourselves up over not being able to do everything perfectly … yet it is important for us to acknowledge just how brave we are, and honour the fact that even if we stumble from time to time, we do have the qualities that are needed to bring in the new Earth. ❤️🌍

Our ability to be okay with uncertainty is a key quality to navigating these intensely pressurised times. 🙏

You can watch the video below.

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