‘We Will Mend/Freedom Is…’ – Spoken Word Art

I’m continuing with my experiments in creating pieces of spoken word art, and this is my second offering! I’m enjoying the process of pairing the words I write with images and music, to heighten their meaning.

‘We Will Mend’ and ‘Freedom Is…’ are both from my first anthology, The Light Touch of Liberty. They go very well together, so I combined them together to create this little video!

The images and music used are Adobe stock files.

We Will Mend

We are unsuppressed outlaws
Offensively joyful
Subversively free.
Outrageous in our love
Our truth
And our audacity
When we say:
Remember what it is to feel.

Jaded walls of despair
Crumble at our touch
For we sing
Of a time before walls:
Before division crept in
And rage reigned supreme.

Through a haze of mistakes
And misunderstandings
Encumbered by sluggish millennia
We fight on.

We retrace
Our steps
Our stories
Our memories
And in them
We find our freedom.

Freedom Is…

Freedom is…
Running on the beach
Carefree as a child
In the glorious heights of summer,
Shouting and hollering your joy to the four winds
Without a care for who may be watching.

Freedom is…
The moment school holidays begin
Bursting out the gate
Racing friends down the street
Laughter in your throat
And the light touch of liberty in your steps.

Freedom is…
The absence
Of cares that weigh you down
The bills
The deadlines
The adult concerns
Smothering the child within.
The child who runs down the beach
Sand between their toes
Freedom in their souls.

Freedom is waiting for you.

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