‘Ascension & Descension’ – The Eighth Instalment of Vosloo’s Video Series

“Is it not the most audacious thing to believe in hope? Is it not the most outrageous possibility that can be imagined, to dream of something different, after a prolonged cycle of descension and contraction and being stripped down to the very bare bones of who you are?”

“Can you not feel just how courageous you are, to now be dreaming of hope? To now be looking towards a brighter horizon? To now be seeing – understanding – everything that your prolonged night has taught you, and stepping into daylight once again?”

“I commend you. I encourage you. And I urge you – no matter how upset you may sometimes feel, how angry you may be with yourself or others – do not forget just how amazing you are.’ 🌞

‘Ascension & Descension’, the eighth instalment of Vosloo’s video series, is about the ‘push and pull’ / ‘ebb and flow’ energies that constantly make themselves known in our lives, on both a personal and planetary scale.

In this video, he also communicated a strong message of support: urging those of us who are currently incarnate to know that we do have the courage and strength to bring in a new world … even if we don’t always feel that way. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We often don’t recognise just how brave we are, to have moved through a long cycle of descension, but Vosloo urged us to honour our bravery … and to honour ourselves, always.

The video can be watched below.

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