The Painting That Kick-Started My Intuitive Art Journey

Many artists fondly recall one particular painting, sculpture or visual project that set them on the path that they needed to follow, or gave them a sense of clarity and direction. For the last eleven months, I’ve been creating intuitively channelled paintings. The project that kick-started this journey for me – seven whole years before I began to publicly offer that service – was a painting I produced in 2012, as the second leg of my journey with Tera Mai Reiki, was to begin. Tera Mai, which was originally channelled by Kathleen Ann Milner, is a form of Reiki that has meant a great deal to me on my life’s path as a lightworker, starseed and witchy individual. 😊

🙏🌍 🙏⁠

This was the piece I presented to my lovely aunt Alvagh on the day she initiated me into Tera Mai Reiki Level II.

Last August, I was mulling over the notion of offering intuitively channelled paintings, unsure whether or not to take the plunge. I didn’t know whether anyone would be interested in a service like that, but I decided to simply put it out there and see what would happen! I made a video explaining what I hoped to do, and mentioned this specific painting as an example of how I had created an intuitively channelled artwork for someone before. I didn’t have the painting to hand. I didn’t have a photograph of it. I didn’t have any evidence to ‘prove’ that I was capable of creating this kind of art … but the response I received to the video made my heart happy. 😊⁠

Each painting I’ve created since then has moved me deeply. I’ve learned so much from each one … yet I still look fondly on the 2012 painting as the one that brought forward my intuitive artistic abilities.

Alvagh said: “On 26th June, I was reinitiated into ‘Golden Tera Mai Reiki‘ and ‘Tera Mai Seichem’ and I also received the initiations into Tera Mai Reiki IV, V, VI, VII and Tera Mai Seichem IV, V, VI, VII.” ✨”I received these directly from Kathleen Ann Milner, who owns the trademark for Tera Mai Reiki and who brought us everything I teach at my weekends.”

“It was an honour for me and sets me on the next phase of my own personal journey surfing this mad life, but also as a healer. Very exciting!”⁠ “This picture, gifted to me by my gorgeous Aisling, catches the drift.” ❤️

I will be grateful, always, for how the powerful initiatory energies that came through in that painting continue to propel me forward today. 🎨⁠

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