Healing Our Plastic Story: My Upcoming Zoom Workshops

The subject of plastic often fills people with despair, as they can see no way out from our current environmental predicament … no way it can ever change. Yet I believe that hope lies within the deeper metaphysical story and potential of this material, so I’m planning a series of Zoom workshops to help change the narrative. 💎

This workshop includes a meditation on the ancient timeline in which oil – as the substance from which plastic originated – was birthed. The journey then involves tuning into messages that will move us towards healing the situation. There will be some (optional) chat time afterwards. The whole thing lasts just under an hour. 😊 Having tested it with some lovely people, I’m ready to officially launch the workshops!

They will be offered as free Zoom calls throughout July and August, alternating between Wednesday evenings and Thursday afternoons each week in my time zone (Irish summer time, which is currently GMT +1). So these are the exact times and dates! 😁🌸

💎 Wednesday 1st July at 8 p.m.
🌊 Thursday 9th July at 2 p.m.
🐳 Wednesday 15th July at 8 p.m.
💎 Thursday 23rd July at 2 p.m.
🌊 Wednesday 29th July at 8 p.m.
🐳 Thursday 6th August at 2 p.m.
💎 Wednesday 12th August at 8 p.m.
🌊 Thursday 20th August at 2 p.m.
🐳 Wednesday 26th August at 8 p.m.

Attend as few or as many sessions as you wish. 🌹 The format will be the same at each one, but I’ve already heard from a few people that they would like to listen to the meditation more than once, to fully integrate its lessons and energies.

If you would like to take part, just comment or send me a message, letting me know. 🌸

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