‘The Nature of Time’ – The Sixth Instalment of Vosloo’s Video Series

The latest instalment of Vosloo’s video series is up on YouTube! This one is called ‘The Nature of Time’, and features the Arcturians.

Arcturus is, of course, a vast star system – which incorporates many different realities – but the impression I have about the particular Arcturians I work with is that they are teachers of time. Their role in assisting our planet involves easing our very rigidly linear concept of time and opening us up to a more fluid reality.

Our Earthly ancestors developed our time system by observing the movements of stars, and tracking where we were in the cosmos, relative to those stars. Our time system was developed as a means of honouring the unique movements and rotations of Earth, and the Arcturians deeply respect that.

In modern society, we seldom remember that our time cycles are directly linked to the rhythms of the Earth. We are urged to be productive and busy all the time: to be frenetic and fast-paced even in winter, when our bodies are naturally inclined to slow down and rest.

In this video, Vosloo and the Arcturians also delivered a strong message about finding unity by honouring diversity. As a species, humanity will be more capable of connecting with love-centred extraterrestrial beings when we ourselves are living in a more harmonious and respectful way.

The Arcturians also left us with the following puzzler: ‘Time moves in accordance with the needs of those who move through it.’

You can watch the video below.

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