A Reflection for Those Who See Humour in All Things

You were always the class clown. On dull mornings, your friends knew you would be there with a laugh, a smile, or a wayward remark that would likely be met by a swift reprimand. You injected every moment with a delicious whiff of mischief, and spent many drab hours sitting outside the principal’s office for your trouble … yet it was worth it, always, for you had successfully given life to the precious spirit of adventure that still courses through your veins.

Whimsy and merriment walked by your side, always, for you understood a truth that still nestles deeply within your heart: a truth that gifts you with a steady glow of warmth, when you simply remember that it is there.

Hope spins its eternal dance in those who remember how to laugh.

You see wonder in the midst of chaos. You see emerging hints of daylight, where others see only an ominous horizon, thick with rain-laden clouds.

You know how to lend good cheer to those who need it, and this ability has been deeply cherished by the ones you love. Yet a weight of expectation sits upon you at times. You are expected to be there: to give of yourself, continually, even when your own peace is hard to find. You have learned to be circumspect with praise, for you know all too well that other, more stinging words have been slung from jealous bows.

Too intense. Too loud. Too much.

Will you never grow up? Will you never take things seriously? Will you never learn to lower your voice, change your tone, be less brash?

Your vivacious spark makes me uncomfortable – will you never dim it down?


That is the answer of your innermost self: the child whose shoulders still shake with giggles after another gloriously outlandish escapade. Their entire being remains alight with mirth.

This is who you are.

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