The Twin Pairs: My First Six Pre-made Paintings to Go on Sale

I have an update to share with regard to my artwork! 😊 Since last autumn, I have specialised in creating custom-made paintings, which involves tuning into a particular situation that someone is experiencing in their lives, then bringing through a visual representation of the energies at play. I will absolutely continue doing that, because the process of creating custom-made pieces of art brings me great joy … but lately, I’ve also felt drawn to add pre-made artwork to my offerings.

Six paintings have come forward as the first ones to be put on sale. They formed within my mind’s eye one pair at a time, with each pair embodying a distinct but related combination of heart, solar plexus and voice activation.

Today, I wanted to share some information about them, to help inform the decisions of those who are thinking of buying one. I offer some of the energies and messages that I picked up during the creation process of these paintings … but I know that those who will ultimately own these works will most likely pick up on nuances that went right over my head! 😉

When Heart and Will Unite


The painting on the left is called ‘Heart Sparks,’ and the one on the right is called ‘Merge’.

These two were the first to come through. They carry a dual meaning – the first one is obviously solar plexus and heart chakra activation. The second very important thread of meaning I picked up on is that these paintings are associated with heart-based romantic and sexual union.

‘Heart Sparks’ came through with an accompanying poem (which can be read here). It speaks of reclaiming lost bliss, re-integrating a hope that has faded, and opening up to a capacity for love that may have been obscured by disappointment or fear.

‘Merge’ speaks of a heart-centred expression of sexuality. It also emphasises the importance of each partner attaining a state of balance between heart and will within themselves. It highlights the precious state of being independent, yet loving: interdependent, yet able to stand on our own two feet.

Meld Heart and Will with Voice


The painting on the left is called ‘Tumbling Sparks’, and the one on the right is called ‘Truth’s River.’

This pair was the second to come through.

‘Tumbling Sparks’ carries the energy of a river in its earliest stages. It conjures up the image of rapidly-moving water bubbling happily as it tumbles over the stones: eager, excited, unable to reach its destination quickly enough. This energy is eager to express itself. It is youthful. It is exuberant. It is vigorous and outgoing.

‘Truth’s River’ feels to me like it carries the energy of a river opening up to the sea. It is older and more mature, facing the sunset and proud of all that it has achieved. This painting could be perfect for someone who has reached the end of a particular phase in their life, and knows that the time has come to fully integrate and honour the lessons associated with it. 🙏

When Voice Speaks, Heart Listens (NOTE: These two have been sold)


The painting on the left is called ‘Wish Fulfilled’, and the one on the right is called ‘Remembrance.’

And then there were two! 😊 These two were intriguing to me because they strongly emphasised green as well as pink, to represent heart energy. Green is the traditional colour associated with the heart chakra, but pink alone had been the colour that came forward to represent heart energy in the previous four paintings.

To me, ‘Wish Fulfilled’ felt dreamy and blissful in nature. My attention was drawn to the two blue discs, in particular: how they bounce off one another with an air of glee: sometimes apart, but always connected via the small hearts between them.

The message behind ‘Remembrance’ is one of harmony and balance. It expresses a state of being in which one has returned to wholeness … fully honouring and remembering all that brought them there.

UPDATE 27/5/2020: These two have now been sold.

So there they are! My babies! 😍 I have a sense that these paintings will go wherever they are meant to go, to whoever is meant to have them, whenever the time is right. 💗☀️🌊💚

These paintings can be bought individually for €40, or with one other in the series for €70. To enquire about purchasing one or more of these paintings, you can email me at, use the contact form on my site, or message me through my Instagram or Facebook page.

These are the first six to go, but more will follow. ❤️ I also have quite a significant stock of pre-made paintings that I don’t want to sell at the moment, some of which will be offered as prints in the near future – stay tuned for more details on that!

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