A Reflection For Introverts and Gentle Ones

You, gentle ones, may be surrounded by hard-hitting truth tellers, feisty freedom fighters, and overall badasses whose courage takes your breath away. You are amazed by their strength. You are awed by their ability to stride into controversial waters: how they willingly stick their heads above the parapet and boldly proclaim their truths.

You see how their commanding presence can hold a room in thrall … and perhaps, in the back of your mind, you feel that your quiet, gentle presence isn’t seen or important.

You witness one fiery, impassioned debate after another … and perhaps you have worried that you have little to contribute.

You may have ceased to feel the value of your sweet, compassionate gestures. Your soothing cups of tea. Your friendly strings of heart emojis. Your softly spoken words. Your comforting smiles. Your understanding eyes, that carry a pure and precious light of total acceptance.

In an embattled world, it is increasingly difficult to hold the middle ground, to find the still centre of peace … and you are the ones who hold yourselves in that space, reminding others that it exists.

You hold yourself.

You hold us.

You. ❤️

– For the introverts

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  1. Lovely thoughts expressed so well ☘️🎈


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