‘The Dance’ – The Fifth Instalment of Vosloo’s Video Series

Dancing is a metaphor that Vosloo has used a lot, in my experience of working with him. He uses it to describe the balance between many things: rationality and intuition, night and day, “leaders” and “the led”, and the balance of energies and dynamics between people. One strong theme that emerged in this video was the dance between rationality and intuition. He said:

“The dance between rationality and intuition, or what some might call the left and right hemispheres of the brains, is an important question to consider. As you journey through life, you will find that your logical and intuitive faculties often need to intermingle: to become a unified and harmonious force within your being, rather than being perceived as two separate, oppositional forces, as has been the case for much of human history.”

“Reason has an important role to play in the process of discernment. It acts as a supportive and balancing force within the mind. It works alongside your emotional, mystical, and heart-based energies, to enhance your overall understanding of a situation. These forces can blend and harmonise with one another in a beautiful way. The more you practise what discernment means to you: the more deeply you know yourself, the more you trust your own wisdom and insights, the more deeply you will experience this process of blending and harmonising.” ✨❤️

He also alluded to the confusion that many people may be feeling at the moment, as all kinds of theories and arguments rage across the Internet.

You can watch the video below.

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