When Atlantis Descended, Humour Guided Us Home (Video)

Today, I published the latest instalment of my video series on the teachings I associate with the Atlantean High Priest Vosloo. Its title is ‘When Atlantis Descended, Humour Guided Us Home’. ☀️

This video explores how, during one point in the Atlantean experience, when corrupt behaviour was setting into the priesthood, Vosloo recommended humour as a way of helping his priests and priestesses to stay true to who they were. ❤️

It involved briefly discussing what descension and ascension cycles are: how they can affect us on both a small, personal level, and how they impact society at large.

Vosloo said:

My most ardent, heartfelt wish for the priests and priestesses under my care, was that they would not only continue to be of upstanding moral character, but that they would also continue to experience great joy and humour and lightness of being, even in the midst of the challenges that awaited them.

I did not ever want my own beloved priests or priestesses to view themselves through a haze of shame. I wanted them to remember that it was entirely possible to be ethical and honest in their dealings with others, while also having deep compassion for themselves.

Humour was my main method of helping them to find that sense of compassion. Humour is one of the great keys to opening the heart.

He also discussed – with great compassion – why dogma and rules gave people a sense of safety in the midst of the anxiety they were feeling. Thérèse of Lisieux made an appearance at that point! She shared her own wisdom on the chasm between dogma and intimately lived spiritual experience. 🌸🌹

What a joy it was to channel them both again!

The full video is available below. 🌞

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