‘The Importance of Being Humorous’ – a Response to Coronavirus

‘The Importance of Being Humorous’ is the fourth instalment in my series on the teachings I associate with the Atlantean High Priest Vosloo. Given how drastically the world has changed since I made Honouring the Inner Sun, I asked Vosloo whether there was a general message that could be brought through, about how we can hold onto our humour during a time of crisis. ❤️

Another video will soon follow this one – discussing how humour was a guiding light for many during Atlantis’ descension cycle.

The message Vosloo wanted to convey here is that laughter is one of the most beautiful and unifying experiences we humans can share. It’s easy to lose our sense of joy during a time of fear, but he urged us to remember what it is to smile, to joke, to revel in the sheer absurdity of life … because this is what humans do best. 🌞

You can watch the video below.

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