Rewilding the Earth: a Coronavirus-inspired Message

We are living through an unprecedented time. In light of the ongoing uncertainty and anxiety that has been generated by the coronavirus pandemic, I felt the need to speak.

The video below is all about spreading a message of hope.

In certain places, the Earth is showing signs of surprisingly rapid recovery from the damage that humans have inflicted. I really believe that we have an amazing opportunity to rethink how we live and work if we are willing to take it.

Hildegard von Bingen and The Green Man stepped forward to help me with this video. Although these two seem – at first glance – to be VERY different beings, they are both passionate about plant life and the regeneration of the natural world, and appear to have developed a bond for that reason. 🙏🌱 In my experience of working with them, they seem to be great pals! 😊 My previous video on Hildegard and The Green Man is available here.

You can watch ‘Rewilding the Earth’ below – it’s just under half an hour long.

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