‘The Changing Role of Spiritual Teachers’ – The Second Instalment of Vosloo’s Video Series

The second instalment of Vosloo’s video series explores how – as the influence of organised religion begins to wane – our growing sense of spiritual autonomy will change how we relate to spiritual teachers. The hierarchical model of spiritual teaching that has prevailed on this planet for aeons is beginning to melt away. Many of us no longer feel inclined to put teachers on pedestals or imagine that they are inherently ‘holier’ or better than everyone else.

We are learning how to relate to one another as equals: in all of our glory, in all of our challenges, in all of our vulnerability. We are moving away from rigid hierarchies, and towards a more circle-based, authentically empowered way of being. We are learning how to co-operate … and this is an amazing thing. ✨💕

Watch the video below.

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