Vosloo’s Series: All Video Themes

The plan for Vosloo’s video series is complete! ️Today, I am posting all of the themes for each video – I previously posted them in two instalments, here and here.

Prior to firming up this plan, I made an introductory video explaining who Vosloo is, and how I’ve interpreted his teachings, as he isn’t a well-known figure (click here to learn more and watch that video). Basically, he was a High Priest in the lost civilisation of Atlantis, and he’s now very focused on helping those of us currently incarnated on this planet to balance our minds and our spirits.

The video series will run from January to October.


The first instalment of the series will be about how we can start overturning the hierarchies that foster inequality in modern society, by first overturning those hierarchies in our own minds. The wonderful Thérèse of Lisieux will be a guest star in this one!


Over the coming years, we’re going to move away from the ‘pyramidal’ concept promoted by organised religion for millennia (which has also found its way into the modern self-help industry): namely, the concept of one spiritual authority figure or teacher holding all of the answers, while everyone else is urged to accept their exact beliefs. Instead, we will come to embrace the idea of ‘circles over pyramids’, providing mutual support to one another and honouring each person’s individual journey.


The third instalment of the Vosloo series will be all about one of his favourite topics: how we can honour our ‘inner suns.’ This is a reference to the solar plexus chakra, which – when it is in a state of balance – gives us a sense of confidence, joy and authentic empowerment. When our ‘inner suns’ are honoured, we are able to lovingly maintain our boundaries and act with courage.


This video will be all about laughter! One of the most powerful means of keeping ourselves in a state of balance is to avoid taking ourselves too seriously. At the very beginning of Atlantis’ descension cycle – when a pattern of corrupt behaviour was taking root in the priesthood, and many people were panicking – Vosloo constantly recommended laughter as a way of ‘guiding my wonderful priests and priestesses to their safe harbours.’


In my experience of working with him, Vosloo has frequently expressed his teachings using the metaphor of dance. He often speaks of the dance between rationality and intuition, the dance between night and day, the dance between ‘leaders’ and the ‘led’ … and most beautifully of all, ‘the dance of life.’ In video five, we will be delving into the nuances of this metaphor!


Much like water, time is fluid and malleable in and of itself. Its shape very much depends on the structures we, as a society, choose to place around it. I connect to a group of Arcturians who are ‘teachers of time’ as my primary extraterrestrial guides, and Vosloo is very connected to this group as well … so they’ve let me know they will be popping in to appear as ‘guest stars’ in this video!


Vosloo has described this video as being about ‘the flavours of time.’ We are currently living through an era of spiritual, mental and physical density, brought about by a descension cycle. This era would be known as an ‘Age of Iron’ in Ancient Greek philosophy, or a ‘Kali Yuga’ in Sanskrit scriptures. Time now holds a drastically different flavour for us than it would have held during any of our planetary ‘Golden Ages’ or ‘Satya Yugas.’ We are currently moving into an ascension cycle and becoming less dense – therefore, the way we experience time is set to change. This video will offer a detailed look into the cycles of time.


This video will pick up on themes raised in video 7. Engaging in a discussion around time cycles – how they work, how they build on each other, and how they move us through phases of ascension and descension – will naturally lead us to an in-depth exploration of exactly what ascension and descension are. They are two sides of the same coin: I think of them as being analogous to summer and winter, to expansion and contraction, to inhaling and exhaling.


Being immersed in the novice state of mind entails viewing yourself, your work and life itself through the wonderstruck eyes of a child. When you are a novice, in any area of life – or in touch with the part of yourself that is an eternal novice – you are naturally open-minded. You are not attached to any level of power or status that you may have attained, and you don’t believe that things have to be done in one particular way. In Atlantis, Vosloo loved novices dearly, and believed that older priests and priestesses had much to learn from them.


What this one will be about is anyone’s guess! 🤣 The word ‘crescendo’ is all I have been given for this video – Vosloo does love his surprises, so I’m fully expecting this video to be about something absurd, yet brilliant. ❤️ I suppose I’ll find out what it is closer to the time. Or perhaps I’ll sit down to start filming in October, still not knowing what’s going on, and just start channelling. Who knows?

These teachings are going to be spread out over ten months for a number of reasons. Firstly, the number 10 has been highlighted as very significant to the energy of this series, from a numerological perspective: 10 videos, released on the 10th day of each month, with the final one released on the 10th month of the year.

It’s also important for me to honour my own time and energy in 2020, by not rushing this series. I have a day job, family commitments and other projects going on. I know my year will be busy!

I don’t want to put these teachings behind a paywall of any kind – it feels very important for the videos in Vosloo’s series to be available to anyone who feels called to watch them, regardless of their financial situation. However, if anyone deeply resonates with one of the videos and is moved to donate a euro/pound/dollar, etc, there will be a ‘buy me a coffee’ link in the video description boxes. This is just for people who genuinely feel drawn to donate, and more importantly, are able to do so.

Another reason the videos will be spaced out over ten months is so that those who watch them will have plenty of time to reflect on one teaching, before being hit by the next one! This series is very much worthy of being done correctly, with patience, care and precision. ❤️

If you’re interested in following the series, click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and keep an eye out for the videos as they appear. Thank you! 😊💕


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