Jac O’Keeffe On Handling Our Bullshit With Integrity

My work as an editor with Positive Life frequently involves interviewing famous names in the spiritual and self-help fields – or listening to interviews that other people associated with the magazine have done with said famous names – so I can condense it all down into an article format. I hear copious nuggets of wisdom. 😊

Every now and then, however, I come across something that hits me on such a profound level, it leaves me reeling for weeks on end. I had such an experience back in October, when I listened to a recording of the lovely Jac O’ Keeffe speaking with my boss about authentic, radical self-honesty. I’ve been longing to rant about it for ages … and now that our Winter issue has been released, and Jac’s interview has been publicly posted online, I can do so freely.

Jac said: ‘Sometimes I operate from a place of knowing that I’m going to fall flat on my face, because I can’t see through my own bullshit right now … and my challenge, in that moment, is to be in integrity with that.’


These words hit me so powerfully because I heard them just a couple of days after making my first video on dematerialising plastic. I was prompted to make that video after tidying my apartment and coming face to face with the slight hoarding situation I had created for myself over number of years. I remember being in a state of great frustration over the amount of useless plastic items and other miscellaneous crap I had held onto because – in a large number of cases – they had been given to me as gifts, or handed out in goodie bags at events, and it had seemed rude not to accept them at the time. The fear of being rude is an issue I’ve often had to work on over the years!

That was a situation in which I absolutely fell flat on my face, into my own bullshit … but luckily, the guidance I needed arrived immediately, in the form of a long-lost oracle card called ‘Materialisation’ popping up, in a place I had never expected to find it. Decluttering is always a good idea! 😂

Jac’s words meant so much to me.

The way I’ve chosen to handle my own falling-flat-on-my-face episode has involved speaking openly about how we can move towards dematerialising plastic, taking a closer look at my own relationship with this material, identifying areas where I can improve, and planning workshops on the subject! I will allow myself to get used to saying no, with love, and letting myself seem rude, if necessary. The desire to be regarded as a super-nice, super-polite, super-obliging person at all times is very understandable, but it doesn’t help us to remain in a place of integrity. 💕

Acknowledging that we’ve just fallen flat on our face (into our own bullshit 💩) and then handling that with integrity, can look like any of the following situations:

💜 Asking ourselves what steps we need to take to alleviate future bullshit.
💜 Actually following through with those steps.
💜 Apologising.
💜 Listening to someone talk about something we said or did that hurt them, without trying to justify, explain, talk over them, go into wounded-victim mode or act as though we were right, when we know we were in the wrong.

You can listen to the full interview with Jac here.

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