Channelling Mary Magdalene (Video)

Mary Magdalene came through in the fourth and final instalment of my video series on female mystics associated with Christianity.

In this video, she spoke about a number of issues that are dear to her heart. These included:

🌹 Honouring the body in ALL of its guises, and having compassion for those with physical or mental health conditions. ‘What standards are you imposing on them, and yourself, when you refuse to see their beauty, and only see their affliction?’

🌹 Children’s inherent dignity and worth, and how important it is that they be granted freedom of expression. ‘Children ARE your future: this is no trite cliché. This is a deep expression of truth.’

🌹 The challenges faced by parents and caretakers.

🌹 The value of those who ‘occupy a feminine embodiment’ – whether as a woman, or as someone whose gender identity/expression leans towards femininity.

🌹 Sacred sexuality – the fact that sexual expression, by its very nature, entails a sense of deep vulnerability and trust. We need to balance our need for both freedom and boundaries in this area.

Mother Mary also made a brief appearance at the end of the video, with a beautiful message for parents and caretakers: ‘I understand the pain that is caused when you see your children suffer, and I want to bring peace into the hearts of all who struggle to find that quality within themselves. I encourage you to keep spreading peace. Keep talking to your children about peace and love and honouring all beings upon this Earth … because in doing that, you are ensuring that peace will be the future template of life upon this planet.’ ❤️

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