My Intuitive Guidance Service Begins! Plus: Launching Plastics Workshops

Following the successful completion of my tester phase, I am now ready to start offering intuitive guidance sessions over Skype, priced at €20 for 40 minutes. The sessions involve asking the people who have approached me about a work project, a guide or a life situation that they would like to understand better.

My intuition is highly visual and narrative-based: when I tune in to the person’s question, I get an image or see a story playing out, and I then share this with the person during our session, helping them to understand what this image or story could mean for them, in the context of their particular question. 😊

If you’re interested in booking a session or would like to learn more, feel free to contact me! ❤️ I’m currently in the process of gathering testimonials from those I have worked with so far, and I hope to have them displayed on the site very soon.

Following my previous posts and videos about plastic, and how we can move towards dematerialising it, I’ve found myself beginning to feel, very strongly, that talking about it alone isn’t enough. Doing my own private rituals with plastic isn’t enough. I’ve been feeling the need to physically connect with other people who believe that dematerialisation is possible … even if that’s just a couple of people, to begin with!

My previous videos on the topic of plastic – in which I explained my views on it, and how we can move towards dematerialising it – are available below.

I want to start arranging workshops that aim to shift the dominant mindset and energy around this subject. One idea I have is to bring in samples of different types of plastic – from most easily recycled to least – and send loving energy to each of them. I live in Dublin, Ireland, so the workshops will take place there. If you’re based in and around that area, and would like to learn more, or would like to take part, definitely let me know! 😊

Learn more about my work below.

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