Introducing My New Painting Service … and a Thank You to My Testers ❤️

I’ve recently been giving a lot of thought as to how I can move in the direction of being self-employed: offering services that will help people to develop their intuition and access their own truth. In late August, I put out a call for people to test a new painting service that I had in mind. This involved tuning in to a new project, guide, or energy that the tester wanted to understand in a deeper way, and producing an image for that person, based on what came through.

The testing phase was deeply valuable for me! It taught me a lot about my artistic process, bolstered my faith in my creative abilities, and confirmed that I do indeed have the ability to tune in to what people need to see or know in each image. My gratitude for that is boundless. ❤️

Thanks to the amazing feedback and support provided by those who volunteered to be my testers, I am now ready to start offering intuitive paintings as a paid service. Click here to learn more about ordering a painting!

I ended up producing nine artworks – each containing symbols and images that turned out to be relevant to the lives of the people concerned – which I have shared below with their permission.

The first painting I made was for Aifric Tree, who wanted an image that would express what the free flow of intuition meant to them. As I was making it, I got a strong sense that water needed to be involved – and Aifric confirmed that at the very time I was working on it, they were staying near a beautiful lake in Greece! 💙


This heart-inspired painting was created for Gosia Wojciuelwicz, who offers wonderful meditation, movement, yoga and retreat experiences in Ireland via her company, Retreat Self. I love the beautiful jewel in the centre!


It was an honour to paint Mary Magdalene – one of Jesus’ most devoted disciples (believed by many to have been his wife) and a very powerful spiritual teacher in her own right – for Karen Awen Mines. Karen connects strongly with Mary Magdalene as one of her main spirit guides, so I was thrilled when she was happy with the finished painting! Karen is a druid, a healer and a gifted artist herself – click here to learn more about her work.


This painting was created for Laura Jean Wiley Brennan, and was based on the beautiful theme of love. Pure and simple. It was a joy to create!


I made the painting below for Gina Dianne Harding, a metaphysical writer, founder of the Divine U Academy, and an ordained Minister of Peace. She is currently writing a novel inspired by the teachings of Mary Magdalene. Sarah – said to be the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene – came through as a very strong presence in this painting. She wanted to be standing right next to her mother, hand in hand, with both of them looking at a rose symbol and letting the wind blow through their hair. 🌹❤️


The image below was created for my wonderful aunt Nessa, proprietor of Vanity Fair boutique in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. She wanted her painting to reflect the values of a gorgeous new sustainable clothing label she launched recently, named MIYO.

MIYO is all about discouraging clothing waste, pollution and the ‘fast fashion’ problem by offering garments that can be altered and adapted in many different ways: the theory being that the same dress can be worn on multiple occasions and look different each time, thereby discouraging unnecessary clothes purchases.

One commenter on an Instagram post that I made about this painting pointed out that the image of the dress flowing out over the ground brought to mind a well-known story about the legendary Brigid of Kildare (who has been popularised as both a pagan goddess and a Christian saint). One of the many stories about Brigid describes how she wanted to set up a monastery, and was sneeringly informed by the King of Kildare that she would be granted only as much land for the monastery as her small cloak would cover. She laid her cloak out the ground and watched it grow immensely, until it covered many acres of the King’s land. An encouraging sign for Nessa’s business! 😉


This painting depicts the twelfth-century German mystic, Hildegard von Bingen (who will be a part of my ongoing female Christian mystics video series 😍). I created it for Texas-based witch and pagan, Nancy Shellito – who sees Hildegard as one of her main spirit guides – and it was an honour to do so.


Ancestry was the theme of this gorgeous painting, created for garden designer Lelia Walsh, whose work has been featured on prime time TV here in Ireland. She wanted an image that would help her to strengthen her sense of connection to her deceased loved ones. I was truly humbled and deeply grateful to assist her with that. ❤️


The final painting of my tester phase was created for the spiritual entrepreneur and business coach Vix Maxwell, also known as The New Age Hipster, who helps people to understand a diverse array of New Age topics, including manifestation, energetic portals (I first came across her work because of a video she made on The Lion’s Gate energy of August the 8th), galactic guides and ascension. The image I brought through for Vix was to do with as-yet-undefined projects that she will be working on in the future. After seeing the incredible combination of Celtic/standing stones energy, and celestial/pyramid energy, that came through in this painting, I can’t wait to see what form those projects will take! 😊


I cannot express just how thankful I am for the people who agreed to be a part of my testing phase. Because of their generous feedback, I now have the confidence to step forward and start offering intuitive artwork as an integral part of my fledgling business. Aifric, Gosia, Karen, Laura Jean, Gina, Nessa, Nancy, Lelia and Vix: thank you. 🌹

Click here to learn more about ordering a painting.

Learn more about my work below.

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