In a Perfect World…

I saw an interesting conversation on Facebook recently, in which people were invited to consider what they would do with their lives if they weren’t bound by social conventions or problems. Many of the women’s answers revolved around feeling safe enough to go out at night and simply enjoy the peace and tranquillity of that time, knowing that they would be free from the threat of assault.

My heart broke when I read what they were saying, because I can identify with that feeling all too well. I love night time – I love looking up at stars and the moon, revelling in the wonder of it all – but it has long been ingrained in me that to go out alone at night is inherently unsafe. We’ve all heard the horror stories. We all know the risks. 💔

Tonight, however, I would like to indulge in a dream about how the world could be…

In a perfect world, I would slumber beneath the stars, knowing that all was well.

I would never have to be ‘on guard’ with anyone, as I would never have to be vigilant to the threat of attack.

I would rest assured that the planet’s oceans were in good health, the rainforests were thriving, and animals were treated with respect.

I would devote myself wholeheartedly to art, to dreams, to laughing with friends, to pondering the mysteries of life all day and all night … without ever worrying about being financially sensible, or whether I could ‘survive’ by doing such things.

I would know that there was no need, ever, for me or anyone else on Earth to worry about survival. There would be no gross inequality and no ‘haves’ or ‘have-nots.’ This would really fill my heart with joy!

I would never be afraid to mention my same-sex partner to anyone, because I would know that this line of conversation would always be met by an attitude of love, tolerance and respect.

I would never have to ‘come out’ to anyone.

I would dance down the street like no one was watching.

I would sing with all of my heart, whenever the mood took me, with never a thought of having to be ‘appropriate.’ 😉

This is the world I seek to breathe into being, each and very day, by sowing seeds of kindness, love, humour and deep respect wherever I can.

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