Nature Photography: Spring Blossoms

Today was bright, sunny, mild, inviting: all of the things I love to see and feel on a spring morning. 😊 With the equinox behind us, we’ve reached our tipping point and winter is well and truly on its way out (no disrespect to winter – winter is great – but I’ve always been more enamoured of the warmer seasons). Days like this need to be appreciated, because with Ireland being Ireland, gloomy skies are never far away. There was nothing for it but to hit my beloved Botanic Gardens and bear witness to the beautiful process of plants returning to life.

Let’s kick things off with this happy little flower! I swear those cerise markings look like a face to me…


The daffodils in the Botanic Gardens are still in good shape, though I’ve seen these flowers begin to wither elsewhere as temperatures rise.


I’ve been feeling very drawn to daisies since writing a poem last week in which they took centre stage…


It was wonderful to see how many plants in the Gardens are bursting into flower these days. ❤️




During today’s walk, I found myself very drawn to observe how light interacted with the texture of trees: illuminating certain areas and casting others into shadow.



Spending some time in nature always lifts my spirits. As spring continues to blossom, I know I’ll be able to go outside more and more often – how this gladdens my heart!


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