‘Your Solace’ (a Poem)

You never believed that solace was in sight:
It’s not our way, your conscience said.
Our way is
The path of fortitude.

Our way is
Ever ready to place ourselves
Into the line of fire
And never complain of burns.

We are the rock
That stands still always:
The solace
The strength
The shelter
For those who cannot stand alone.

You never believed that your solace was in sight
But now, as the sun sets
You fall to your knees
And let the fading rays
Drench your face
Your shoulders
Your trembling hands:
Weakened by the howling winds
For whom you could never bend,
Never break,
Never succumb,
For you were a Guardian.

The Guarded Ones whisper:
You were my solace
My strength
My shelter
When I had none
So now:
Find your joy.

Your solace.

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