Welcome to my website! My name is Aisling Maria Cronin and I’m a writer, artist, video creator and intuitive from Dublin, Ireland.

I offer intuitive guidance sessions and channelled paintings that help people to reach a more complete understanding of their spirit guides, a project they’re working on, or any other situation in their lives where they feel a visual representation of the energies at play would be helpful. ❤️

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I named my website “Weaving Legends” not just as a nod to my love for folklore and mythology (which heavily influences my work) but also as an expression of my interest in the stories we “weave” for ourselves day in and day out: the personal and cultural mythologies that influence how our societies are constructed, where we are going, and who we perceive ourselves to be.

I am a firm believer in the power of mythology, symbolism and dreams. In my art and my creative writing, I aim to explore ideas that lie beyond our typical boundaries of what is “normal” or possible. I delight in stories that inspire and uplift people, or help them to dream higher possibilities into being.


On this website, you can find my latest videosblog posts and information about my past and upcoming projects and plans.