Welcome to my website! My name is Aisling Cronin. I am a writer, journalist and copy editor, based in Dublin, Ireland.


I am the co-editor of Positive Life Magazine, an Irish publication dealing with spiritual and holistic matters. I have also been a regular contributor to GCN (Ireland’s national LGBT+ publication) and the New York-based animal and environmental advocacy site One Green Planet, among others.

I named my website “Weaving Legends” not just as a nod to my love for folklore and mythology (which heavily influences my work) but also as an expression of my interest in the stories we “weave” for ourselves day in and day out: the personal and cultural mythologies that influence how our societies are constructed, where we are going, and who we perceive ourselves to be. I delight in stories that inspire, uplift and cause people to dream higher possibilities into being.


That’s me in a nutshell!

On this website, you can find all of my latest blog posts and information about my past and upcoming projects and plans.